The Sexual Effects Of Diabetes

Diabetes type 2 is one of the most serious health problems you can have. It can eventually lead to other illnesses including heart problems and inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. Most cases of diabetes type 2 are down to an unhealthy lifestyle. I have lost count of how many men with diabetes type 2 I date at London escorts. As a matter of fact, I am not only the only girl at our London escorts who complain about my overweight clients.

London Escorts On Obesity

Obesity is a very serious health problem. It is common in many businessmen who like to date London escorts. How do you know if you are obese? Why not let your friendly girl from London escorts weigh you and help you to calculate your BMI. If your BMI is over 30, you are obese. Yes, it is important to exercise, but more than anything, it is essential to change your diet when you are obese. Is it a disease? No, you are simply eating and drinking too much.

Sugar And Obesity

Have you ever wondered how London escorts stay so slim? It is no secret that London escorts like to watch their weight. What is their secret? Most girls who work as escorts in London really do concentrate on eating healthy food which is both low in fat and low in sugar. Fat is bad for you, but sugar is even worth it. It is present in both ready-made food and in drinks such as wine and beer. Men who like dating London escorts often like to drink a bit too much. Start to watch what you drink and your weight will soon start to reduce naturally.

Exercising For Better Health

Exercising for better health is another essential factor you should not ignore. London escorts love to work out in the gym, but that does not mean you have to do so. A better alternative for someone who has a problem with obesity is to go for walks. Start by going for short walks several times per day. When you start to feel healthier, you should extend your walks and start to think about taking up other activities including swimming and perhaps bike riding. Both can really help you to combat a weight problem.

Can diabetes type 2 cause erectile dysfunction? Yes, it can. It is not clear why but many men who do suffer from erectile dysfunction are obese. Your erectile dysfunction may not bother London escorts but it probably bothers you. It is time you did something about it. When you next take a holiday, consider booking yourself into a health farm instead. Yes, it is nice to sit on a deck chair and sip champagne, but it is not as nice as having great sex with a hot blonde with big boobs you can hardly get your hands around. When you think about obesity that way, it may even inspire you to start to lose weight and get rid of those extra pounds.

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